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Our helpline team has extensive knowledge of all the accounts we look after. The team comprises of over 20 members of staff, managed by Diane, who has been with ICW for the past 18 years. Each account has their own helpline number, Account Manager and Assistant to ensure the highest level of customer service.

The team receive over 8000 calls a month to which we can assist in multiple languages. Many of our help desk colleagues have been with ICW for over 12years, the longest being Lisa, with 19 years of service, having worked on all the accounts we have ever managed!

At the heart of the ICW helpline team is their passion for customer service. Lucy, who has been with the company for over 3 years, said, ‘I smile every time I answer a call, I feel that customer service is all about being approachable and genuine’.

Two members of the ICW team, Jess and Lucy, have been awarded apprenticeships with ICW as part of their role as Account Administrators. Lucy and Jess began their journey with ICW with the helpline team, and have since moved into new roles as Account Administrators.

The help desk enabled both Jess and Lucy to have a full understanding of over 30 clients, enabling them now to assist account managers with their own specialist accounts. Lucy works with 3 large clients to which she ensures all the uniforms are ready to start the season whether it is summer or winter requirements. ‘I love working with resorts, I get to organise anything and everything for them; including shoelaces, sunglasses to full uniforms!’

Jess had never thought of doing an apprenticeship, however ICW have now given her and Lucy the ability to strengthen both their customer service and business administration skills to achieve their Level 3 Business Administration Award. Jess said ‘I love watching our company grow through new business. I have worked with Natwest from the day I started with ICW, I love the style of the uniform and looking after their account’.

All helpline staff are trained to handle customer enquiries and to respect the confidential and sensitive nature of the calls.

‘I smile every time I answer a call, I feel that customer service is all about being approachable and genuine’.
Lucy - Account Assistant, Customer Service

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