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Case Study

Beaverbrooks are a long standing client with Incorporatewear, first winning the account back in 2005 and have since had several contract extensions. We supply around 700 wearers to their branch network nationwide.

During our time as supplier to Beaverbrooks they have been awarded numerous industry awards, including Retailer of the Year (mid-size) in the UK Jewellery awards 2016 and have also featured in The Sunday Times “Top 100 Best Companies to Work For” for 13 consecutive years, and ranked number 16 in 2016. Their employees are the life blood of the business, which is why they invest such considerable time and effort into training them and is why providing a uniform that the staff are proud and happy to wear every day is so important.

Incorporatewear have a strong partnership with the Beaverbrooks team, and key to every new range we have developed with them over the last 12 years has been to engage with the staff when producing every new uniform, including the latest range that was rolled out to them in Spring 2017. The uniform has been yet another success with the employees at Beaverbrooks with Amanda and Leanne from Human Resources complimenting the uniform as a “fabulous professional looking ‘mix and match’ range, which will also give us great brand recognition”.

Uniform Design & Supply Process

Key to any successful new uniform range is getting the staff on board and feeling involved in the whole process. At Incorporatewear we always encourage our clients to take part in staff engagement at all levels when developing a new wardrobe for them. Who doesn’t want to have say in what they wear for work every day?  Beaverbrooks set up a project team to work with us to create the uniform ensuring as much staff involvement as possible. Key milestones for this process were:

November 2015:

Staff survey launched to get feedback on previous uniform ranges, what they liked and did not like and what they would like to see in future ranges. This helped to narrow options when developing the concepts and that staff felt they had taken part in making the choices.

January 2016:

Incorporatewear fed back design concepts based on employee feedback from the survey and the project team’s vision.

February & March 2016:

Design ideas were narrowed down and items were chosen to go through to production for the forthcoming focus groups.

May 2016:

Focus group tour in 3 cities across the country where employees could see the garments and give their comments. A range of wearers were asked to participate to ensure a widely liked range. As a result of the focus group, some items were chosen to be redesigned or taken out of the range completely.

June 2016:

Branches were chosen to participate in the wearer trial for the new uniform, there wasn’t any shortage of volunteers to trial it!

October & November 2016:

Wearer trial started across 5 branches for 4 weeks with a range of genders, ages and body shapes trialling the uniform. Following the feedback from the trial some final tweaks were made to the garments. After analysing wearer trial feedback, all but one of the garments were taken through to the final range.

December 2016

Photoshoot in Yorkshire with models of different shapes to show how each garment would fit and look in different sizes and these images were put on the website for employees to see.

January 2017:

Website goes live for employees to place their orders

February 2017:

Fabrics ordered in preparation for the final garments to be produced.

May & June 2017:

Garments delivered to Incorporatewear and quality controlled before being despatched to stores.

Wearer Comments

The comments back from the wearers were very positive and the uniform well received; “I have received lots of compliments from customers and it’s a very comfortable waistcoat”, “Looks smart and fits well”, “Very stylish”.

Staff involvement was imperative throughout all aspects from design to delivery as the philosophy of engaging staff follows through into the development of their uniform. Incorporatewear were sure to work closely with the branches and individual staff as we recognised that their opinion was very important to both ourselves and Beaverbrooks.  We understood that requirements for staff to design a range that would work specifically for them was vital.

"Fabulous professional looking ‘mix and match’ range, which will also give us great brand recognition"
Amanda and Leanne - Human Resources, Beaverbrooks

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