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Another Happy Incorporatewear Customer!

Stagecoach Bus Stagecoach Operations Director to ICW Account Manager: “Many thanks for sorting this and getting it through so quickly. It really is appreciated!” On the back of a new network expansion and partnership with Gloucestershire Bus & Coach Company, Megabus, whose parent company is Stagecoach bus, asked ICW to deliver the roll out of…

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Why Work With Us?

20 reasons to have ICW as your uniform manufacturer and supplier In-house design team that will help create a new and bespoke look for your business. We organise focus groups and invite members of our client’s staff to come and view the uniform range and make comments so they feel they have an input into…

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What is Athleisure?

Features of athleisure: • T-Shirt dress. An easy throw-on cover up, made more exciting by split and asymmetric hems therefore offering extra coverage or a playful alternative. • Summer turtlenecks. Perfect update for t-shirts and tanks, the elegant neckline is also a nod to dance. • Mix and Match. The sweatshirt and jogging bottoms combination…

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Portugal Visit

Incorporatewear and Virgin Atlantic visit new factories in Portugal

Factories Visit Tanya Miller, Uniforms Manager at Virgin Atlantic, and Lydia Stringer, Account manager at ICW, visited seven factories in Porto, Portugal over three days. Fact — the factories can create between 800-1,000 pairs of shoes a day and around 3,000 skirts and jackets a week. “The quality of the manufacture out of Portugal remains…

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Think Pink!

Boosted by social media and celebrities, younger men are beginning to experiment more with their outfit choices. Pink, stereotypically recognised as a ‘girl’s colour’, has been making more of an appearance in menswear in recent years. Formal shirts especially have often been seen in shades of pink but the colour is spreading to other garments…

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WannaCry Cyber Attack On Friday 12th May 2017 a cyber-attack was launched on a global scale from an unknown source. This attack quickly took hold, infected and effectively disabled the computer networks of hundreds of businesses around the world including the NHS in the UK and FedEx in the USA. The attacker in question was…

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