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Virgin Active

Case Study

The account with Virgin Active was won in 2014 and we despatched their uniform the same year to around 2000 wearers. With their previous uniform supplier they ordered uniform through manual emails from individual employees and they were looking for a more efficient way to order their uniform. The appointed account manager for Virgin active spoke to Louise Lane, Virgin Active Head of Procurement and Sherene Stadler, the Project Manager, and confirmed if they would be interested in introducing a bespoke uniform website for them to order from.

They agreed this would improve control on their budget and would be more easily accessible to employees at work, meaning there was no need to go off site to order. Previously they had no way of tracking the adhoc orders that were being sent over via email, meaning they were not aware of who and how much was being ordered.

Online Uniform Management

The introduction of a uniform website meant that managers could regulate spending and it would highlight repeat offenders of over ordering. The website would also ask for a reason for the adhoc uniform being ordered which the managers could monitor. Employee’s entitlement would be refreshed annually automatically, meaning they could then log in and order their uniform online, this was more efficient and quicker than the email orders.

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